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GHS Plus - An Antioxidant Supplement to clean your Arteries


Seeing is Believing

Take a very close look. You are seeing actual fiber-optic photographs demonstrating the scientific medical evidence of GHS Plus at work! The increased white area indicates increased blood flow and an elimination of the plaque that was blocking this artery! The bright white spots are reflections from the camera's light.

Before Arterial Photo:

After Arterial Photo:

Before: This is an interior photo
of a coronary artery in a 68 year
old male patient prior to the use
of the GHS Plus formula.

After: Same artery 5 months
after being on the
GHS Plus formula.
Note that most of the plaque has been dissolved to eliminate the threat of heart attack or stroke
plus improving blood flow.

And take a look at this latest announcement...

New Independent High-Tech Thermal Imaging Research
By A North Carolina Medical Research Organization
Clearly Shows An Estimated 50% Reduction
Of Deadly Arterial Plaque In Carotid Artery
After Only 6 Months Use Of
GHS Plus Arterial Cleansing Formula

NC Research Associates, a third-party scientific medical research organization based in North Carolina, shows high-tech digital infrared thermal imaging of an estimated 50% reduction in deadly arterial plaque buildup in the carotid artery as a result of a six month trial using the GHS Plus arterial cleansing formula.

The new Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging is an advanced technology developed by the U.S. military. When this new technology was declassified, it was then applied in the medical field to be used as a screening device to identify inflammation related to pathology in the body.

For example, in breast disease this digital thermal infrared imaging is able to identify tumor development up to 10 years sooner than mammography. In cardiovascular situations, it is able to detect inflammation involving the cardiovascular system. In the before and after imaging below, this new thermal imaging technology was able to detect clogged carotid arteries.

Since this is a screening device, it is not designed for a diagnosis of carotid artery disease; however, the research conducted by NC Research has verified that when the imaging indicates artery inflammation, follow-up clinical studies have verified the fact that the arteries were partially blocked.

In the before image below, the percentage of blockage is estimated at around 30%, and traditional medical science has no treatment for correction until the blockage exceeds 60%, which can then warrant surgery to help open the artery. Therefore, under the present medical approach, you must wait until the blockage becomes more serious! Playing the waiting game can, of course, be dangerous and an unnecessary risk for stroke or heart attack.

Utilizing the nutritional benefit of the GHS Plus arterial cleansing formula you can now take action early enough to reverse the process of partially blocked arteries before it becomes a serious issue. In the first image below, notice the inflammation in the neck area. One can actually see the outline of the artery because of the inflammation involved in the partial blockage.

This before infrared image was taken in July, 2004. The severe inflammation seen in other areas of this image is caused by dental pathology. This particular patient, at the time of this image, had two infected root canal teeth which caused this inflammation in the head area. The infection has no relation to the inflammation of the artery, which, of course, is caused by plaque.

Note: You may have noticed that the excessive inflammation found in the head area on the before image versus the after image is dramatically reduced. Two weeks after the first image, the two root canal teeth were removed. They were found to be infected and the infection had spread into the sinuses causing the inflammation noted on the first image. With the removal of the source of infection, the inflammation of the sinuses was eliminated. The Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging used by NC Research Associates is a screening device, it is not designed for a diagnosis of carotid artery disease.

In the after image above, there is a noticeable decrease in the amount of inflammation of the carotid artery after 6 months of GHS Plus usage. The amount of decrease is estimated to be 50% or more during this period.

Considering the fact that it takes years for this artery to become clogged, a 50% reduction within 6 months could be considered remarkable. Continued use of GHS Plus, with life-style and dietary improvements, should produce further reduction or elimination of plaque.

Do You Have Any of These Warning Signs?

  • Fingers or toes that often feel cold?

  • Your arms or legs often "go to sleep"?

  • Do you experience numbness or heaviness in arms or legs?

  • Does your hand ever cramp when writing a letter?

  • Is there a sharp, diagonal crease in your earlobe?

  • Do your lips or fingers often have a tingling sensation?

  • On short walks, do your legs get aches or pains?

  • Is your memory worse than it used to be?

  • Ankles that swell late in the day?

  • Do you get breathless on slight exertion or when lying down?

  • Is there a whitish ring under the outer part of the cornea in your eye? 

Listen To Your Body

If you answered yes to even one of these questions, you have early warning signs of arterial blockages. Your body is saying that it's time to make a change and put time ON your side

These are not the normal signs of aging. They are the warning signs that accompany blocked arteries.

Did you know that it is not uncommon for people as young as 18 years of age to have blockages in their arteries? That's because age alone is not the main cause of blocked arteries.

People “never sick a day in their lives” drop dead of a sudden heart attack or stroke every day.

Fact . . . Young or Old . . . People in
“Robust Health” Develop Clogged Arteries

Many factors beyond age cause your arteries to fill up with plaque. Here are a few of the reasons that put you at risk.

  • Genetic or family history.

  • Air pollution.

  • Eating processed foods.

  • Hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils.

  • Diabetes.

  • Lack of exercise.

  • Excessive caffeine consumption.

  • Cigarette smoking.

  • Stress and anxiety.

  • Lack of proper rest.

  • Poor diet. Too much "junk food".

  • And more!

The Menace of Free Radicals

Take another look at the above list, a list that impacts so negatively on your health by creating toxic “free radicals” in your body. 

The bad news is that free radicals cause arterial damage and a subsequent build up of arterial clogging plaque. Free radicals also weaken your immune system weakening its ability in its constant fight against viral and other diseases. 

The good news is that you do have a choice when it comes to protecting your health against the destructive forces of these free radicals. This is true no matter what your age and even if you are on Lipitor or Zocor.

You can protect your self against heart attack, stroke, gangrene, amputation (diabetics), and many other diseases.

You can unclog your arteries, and keep them unclogged, as well as give a strong boost to your immune system and do it all nutritionally

The unique formulation of GHS Plus which generates improved blood flow to deliver much needed and vital oxygen and food to every cell in your body, is designed to benefit you in two major ways: 

1. Rid your body of the toxins that are slowly killing you.

2. Repair arterial cellular damage, open your arteries, and improve blood flow.

Don't wait a moment longer.

Your Turn Has Come!

Now you can join the thousands of men and women across the globe who are feeling the full effects of proper blood flow and nutrition even as you read this.

You too can extend your life AND add life to your years beginning right now!

Help rid yourself of drugs!

Save your health and your money!

Live a drug free life as others are now doing!

Today, thousands of people are enjoying the freedom that good health offers. More time and enjoyment with friends and family. More energy and clearer thinking at work.

Our mission at GHS is to help you live the same kind of life, enjoying life to its fullest.

Diet and Exercise Are Not Enough

While diet and exercise will help your heart, diet and exercise alone are not enough! You must cleanse your arteries of the plaque that has built up, then keep those arteries open in order to achieve and maintain vibrant health.

Remember, the choice is yours.

Angioplasty . . . Stents . . . By-Pass Surgery . . . Angina . . . These are no fun.

When you consider these alternatives, you will quickly see why so many have chosen the all natural method of arterial cleansing by adding GHS Plus to their diets.

Real People, Real Results

Take a moment now to read what a few people like you have said about their experience
with GHS Plus.

Dear Friend,

I really mean it when I say “I beat heart disease and you can too!”

Both my parents died of congestive heart failure. Both lived on heart medication and diuretics for many years which limited the quality of their lives. At age 77 I was diagnosed for possible congestive heart failure. I suffered limited energy, shortness of breath, and swollen ankles. I knew there had to be a better way then living on drugs, risking a heart attach or stroke, and limiting the quality of my life. In my search I found GHS Plus which had been around for years in places around the world, but not in the U.S. I imported it and within months I began to turn my life around. I had said NO to heart disease and YES to a vibrant life without drugs. 

Yes, GHS Plus changed my life. I have more energy now than in over 30 years. I think better, I move better, I work better, I AM better! That is why I obtained an exclusive license and am now selling GHS Plus so that you too can benefit as I have. 

Ira Marxe
Sedona, Arizona

Read this, from a well-respected pharmacist . . .

"Running Up Stairs"

I have read about Vascular Cleansing and am astounded by the information. My father had angina and an angiogram that demonstrated extensive coronary stenosis. After taking the arterial cleansing formula he is now pain free and running up and down stairs. 

I am a pharmacist and when I saw that the formula was only a bunch of vitamins I was extremely skeptical. Now I have done a 180° turn and am totally convinced that there is something to the preparation that actually works.

R. C.
Edmonton, AB

GHS Plus is improving people's lives around the world!

"I Race Along Like a Twenty Year Old"

I started on the products in late September. It is unbelievable the improvement I am seeing. I had heart problems about three years ago and sometimes had difficulty in walking especially uphill.

Since taking GHS Plus I race along like a twenty year old, even uphill. I am also a diabetic Type 1 and my blood counts are normal. It is just like I do not have this disease, and I have been able to reduce my insulin intake.

Also with the GHS Plus I am losing weight and people say I look good.

So this 68 year old is looking to be younger and more energetic.

Everyone should take these supplements. especially if one wants to be younger, more energetic and banish heart problems forever.


Leila Klin
Jerusalem, Israel

And this from a customer in Nevada.

"My Sight Has Been Restored!"

Six weeks ago a laser surgeon told me I was a candidate for Laser treatments for Retinapothy. I am a diabetic.

I placed my confidence in you not by personal referral, but totally on the basis of an intelligently written website.

I am totally pleased with that decision! In just 6-8 weeks my sight has been restored and my toes, which for a year and a half have felt like they needed a "grease job", are doing much better also!


Don Harris
Las Vegas, Nevada

Take a look at the pictures at the top of the page again. Those results are after only five months on the GHS Plus Arterial Cleansing Formula!

Think About It . . .
Where will YOU be in five months from now?

Will you be stronger?

Will you be healthier?

Will your arteries be more clogged, or less clogged?

Will you have had a heart attack or stroke?

Will your toes and feet be getting numb?

Will you be rid of your Angina or will it get worse?

No One “Feels” Their Arteries Getting Clogged . . .
That Is Why It Is A Silent Killer

Take the guesswork out of your health decisions. GHS Plus is proven to work by thousands of people just like you. It's proven to work in clinical studies. And the pictures above are proof positive that GHS Plus will unclog your arteries, improve your blood flow and give you back the health and wellness you deserve.

Best of all, you can start today and insure your GOOD health!

Still not convinced you should be
taking GHS Plus

Then read this . . .

Rid Your Body of Toxins That Cause Fatigue & Disease

The world has seen tremendous economic and scientific improvements in the last 50 years. Unfortunately these improvements have come at a price. That price is toxins that invade and destroy your body. These toxins come from air pollution, water pollution, preservatives in our foods, processed foods, fast foods, car exhaust, and a hundred other factors as well.

Since it is vital that we undo the damage created by these life-threatening toxins which attack our health and can shorten our lives, GHS Plus will simultaneously detoxify your body, cleanse your arteries and bring healing to your body through state of the art nutritional supplementation.

The Incredible Importance of LPL

It is a little known fact, for example, that when you give your body certain specific nutrients, (found in GHS Plus™), your arterial walls will manufacture an enzyme called “lipoprotein lipase” (LPL). LPL does an amazing thing: It acts as a detergent to scrub away the fats in arterial plaque thereby opening clogged arteries and keeping them open with the continued feeding of these vital specific nutrients that are in GHS Plus.

Even Better News . . .

LPL is only one protective measure that the unrivaled GHS Plus enables your body to use to build and maintain arterial health. There are many other crucial benefits that work wonders for your body and your life. A complete list includes the following:

  • Neutralizing free radicals before they can cause cellular damage. 

  • Manufacturing enough T-cells and antibodies to locate and destroy mutated cells before they can damage arteries. 

  • Dilating (increasing) the diameter of blood vessels. 

  • Improving the flow characteristics of your blood. Making it more slippery and less likely to clump. 

  • Opening up collateral blood vessels around obstructions, creating new pathways for blood to reach vital tissues. 

  • Dissolving blood clots. 

  • Normalizing blood pressure. 

  • Chelating (removing) heavy metals from arterial walls. 

  • Protecting vital tissues from oxidative damage. 

  • Normalizing blood cholesterol. 

  • Enhancing your body’s own ability to improve your immune system to maintain optimal health by providing your body with the nutritional supplementation it needs to do that job. 

Over 150,000 Very Healthy People Are Already
Enjoying These Incredible Benefits.

Why Not You?

Some people are spending $80 to $100 a month on
Vitamins and Minerals that don’t work!

For over 15 years the GHS Plus Multi-Vitamin & Mineral Nutritional Arterial Cleansing Formula was refined until the right amounts, the right combinations, and the right processes were found. This formula synergistically combines over 30 natural nutritional ingredients of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, glandular concentrates and lipotropic factors, (no herbs or hormones), that makes this remarkable GHS Plus work so effectively at far less cost than the average person spends per month.

Only the Arterial Cleansing Formula combines the right ingredients, in the right amounts, processed together at the same time to create a formula more effective than any other. 

This is so important to your health that I will say it again . . .

1. If you are missing one ingredient, or

2 are not taking the same amounts of all the required ingredients, or

3. the ingredients are not all processed together at the same time, in a special proprietary way . . .

you will have weak links, and what you are taking simply will not work!

It takes unrestricted blood flow to feed all your cells the
nutrients they need to survive in good health!

Your very life and good health depend upon an unrestricted blood flow which only the arterial cleansing formula can give you.

And to insure that GHS Plus will remain an unrivaled masterful nutritional formulation that will enhance your body’s own natural ability to improve your immune system, chelate and dissolve the plaque from your arteries, repair arterial wall damage, greatly improve your blood flow and increase the delivery of life giving nutrients and oxygen to all your cells and organs….. Our commitment to quality so that each tablet is the same as the last one….is unparalleled.

Our Quality Control Ensures
State of the Art Nutrition For You

We spare no expense in making sure you have only the finest products created from the finest ingredients available. 

Quality matters! That's why we want you to know these important facts about our manufacturing process. 

  • Our manufacturing and packaging facilities are state-of-the-art. 

  • We occupy over 140,000 square feet of space which includes three testing laboratories. 

  • The FDA, State, and International regulatory agencies regularly inspect the facility. 

  • The inspections include compliance with the European Community GMP Principles and Guidelines to manufacture medicinal products. 

  • The Danish Medicines Agency approved this facility, concluding that this facility is in general compliance with European GMP rules, in addition to ISO 9001 certification and 17105 laboratory accreditation. 

  • Raw materials used in manufacturing are sourced from the most reputable and reliable vendors. USP, FCC and NF grade materials are used. 

  • No raw material is accepted without a vendor supplied certificate of analysis. 

  • Each and every raw material is quarantined until it passes a battery of tests, including microbial testing, which conforms to USP 25 specifications. 

  • Tablets and capsules are manufactured using the direct compression technique. This is a preferred method to manufacture nutritional supplements, over the conventional wet granulation, which exposes the material to heat and moisture. 

  • In addition to written Standard Operating Procedure’s that comply with GMP’s for nutritional supplements, in all steps of manufacturing there are “in process” quality control procedures that are implemented through out the entire process. 

  • Once produced, each and every capsule and tablet manufactured undergoes a visual inspection process to ensure that they are free from any physical defects. 

  • Finished products are released from Quality Control based on analytical and microbiological testing for packaging. 

  • Products are then packaged in unbreakable, high density, polyethylene (HDPE) bottles that protect against light and excessive exposure to heat and moisture. 

All of this adds up to one very simple bottom line. GHS products work because we take care in the manufacturing process. 

As a consumer, you should expect (and accept) nothing less than these standards.

What Will You Gain With GHS Plus™?

  • Eliminate the plaque from your arteries. 

  • Chelate heavy metals from your arteries. 

  • Prevent new blockages from forming. 

  • Removal of life threatening toxins from your body. 

  • More energy and vitality to do the things you enjoy. 

  • Eliminate the threat of gangrene and amputation for diabetics. 

  • Protect your future years. 

  • Reverse the negative effects of aging - look younger, feel younger. 

  • Add more years to your life AND more life to your years. 

  • Minimize the real risk of heart attack or stroke. 

  • Strengthen your immune system to prevent sickness and disease. 

  • All the nutrition you need in one bottle. No other vitamins or minerals needed.

You CAN start looking and feeling your best today. You can ensure a long and happy future with more time to enjoy the things you love. You can keep a youthful body while experiencing the rich benefits of aging! I encourage you to take action now. You have nothing to lose and a world of joy to gain.

Add more years to your life AND more life to your years with GHS Plus.

Here's to a healthy, happy and prosperous life!

God Bless,

The Heart Protector Team

Now it's your turn. The choice is yours.

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Thank You!
Your Heart Protector Team

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